Online Craps

While there are dice games for thousands of years, the modern game of craps can be dated from a few hundred years ago, when John Winn, a celebrity of the dice, the rules changed while minimizing the possibility of cheating during the game .

The simplified, introduced Pass bets and do not pass, the Big 6 and 8 and the betting against the shooter. Winn was a maker of dice led them to higher levels and increased the popularity of casino gambling.

The data accompanied the pilgrims to, went to all gambling halls in the Far West and became the stars of the most luxurious casinos from Monte Carlo to Las Vegas where bettors interested gather every day after the thrill the game. They were "movie stars" and the big screen displays a mass audience which soon make them favorites.

Then, at the age of computers, grew everywhere slot machine games free slot machines and craps in the casino game, but the big moment came for craps with websites and online games. Many varieties are available to the players and the number and complexity of each bet he makes more and more popular and attractive.

Second, players of craps have the opportunity to play for free. Translation: no need to deposit money. Fans of slot machines can feel the excitement of the game without risking their bankroll. The dice game probably has ancient origins, in fact remains that were found seem to lead to a primal game of craps is really ancient, is even talk of the Middle Ages when the game was called hazard, then it seems that was reviewed by a mathematician who wrote the name Mont mort rules by 1,700.